Price List

This is the Price List of Check the website regularly for the most recent version.

Influencer Campaign self service

Work directly with the bookinfluencers on our platform to promote your product or service. Create a profile, write your campaign briefing and launch your campaign on the website. Interested bookinfluencers will register for your campaign. You can talk to these bookinfluencers 1-on-1 to help you decide with which bookinfluencers you would like to work. Make your final selection and then wait for the results to come in. Bookinfluencers will share their statistics with you through our implemented messenger service. We will help you set up your first campaign briefing.


Platform fee

€ 450 ex VAT* ($ 530 / £ 385)



Limitless access to the platform. Organise as many campaigns as you wish. Contract for a year, after that you can end your membership monthly.

Large publishers

€ 400 ex VAT* per month ($ 470 / £ 342) for 1 publishing house.

if you want to share the membership across publishing houses we charge € 100 ex VAT* per month ($ 118 / £ 85) per extra publishing house.

Small publishers

€ 400 ex VAT* per month ($ 470 / £ 342) across imprints based on 2 users.

For every extra user we charge € 50 ex VAT* ($ 60 / £ 43) per user per month. 


1% discount if the membership for a year is paid at once.


Influencer Campaign full service

Let us know which product or service you want our influencers to promote. We will organise the whole campaign for you from A to Z.


Platform fee & Campaign Management

€ 1700 ex VAT* (€ 450 platform fee, € 1250 campaign management) 

$ 1990 ($ 530 platform fee, $ 1460 campaign management)

£ 1453 (£ 385 platform fee, £ 1068 campaign management)


Discount deal

Organise 5 campaigns a year but pay 4. This fee is charged monthly, € 567 ex VAT*/month ($ 663 / £ 485).

If you want us to run more campaigns then we'll happy to send you an offer.



Promotional Packages

Promotional Packages are options to use our channels for your promotions. We have a website that is visited often by the bookinfluencers because they use our platform to check if there are new campaigns. We have a newsletter with a high open rate (70%+) that is send to 1.200 subscribers. And we have our social media channels on which we communicate with the influencers too: Instagram, YouTube and a private Facebookgroup.


Package 1 Giveaway

Giveaway on Instagram: a dedicated Reel: € 250 ex VAT* ($ 293 / £ 214).

Giveaway on TikTok: a dedicated TikTok: € 250 ex VAT* ($ 293 / £ 214)

For the Giveaway you need to send a copy of your book to one of our content creators that will make the promotional video. Once the winner of the Giveaway has been chosen we will deliver the winner's address to you so you can send a copy of the book to them.


Package 2 Newsletter Feature

Newsletter feature: an ad in our newsletter. Plus Giveaway as mentioned in package 1. € 500 ex VAT* ($ 585 / £ 428)


Add on (authors/publishers only) Website Feature

Website feature: a picture of our model with your book on /for-bookstagrammers. Part of a 2 picture carousel for 1 month. € 500 ex VAT* ($ 585 / £ 428)


Custom Options


Content creation for your corporate channels by influencers

Would you like your corporate channels to have pictures and videos of real people instead of using stockphotos? Why not collaborate with one of our bookinfluencers. They are content creators that could easily make content for your channels too. Take a look at the channel of the Dutch national library. Our influencers make pictures and videos to promote ebooks and audiobooks. Let us know the type of person you would want to work with and we'll start a search and present you good candidates to choose from. 


Content creation for your corporate channels: animated videos

Would you like to have your videos animated? We work with a great studio that can easily do that job for you. All videos on the channel of the Dutch national library are animated by them. Take a look. If you are enthusiastic, let us know how we can help you.


Paid social

You want your content to be seen by a large audience. Sometimes the algorithms of social platforms can really get in the way of achieving that. By using social advertising you reach the audience you are aiming at. We work with an advertiser with heaps of experience in advertising for the book industry and related industries. 


Prices depend on your request.

*VAT are taxes (21%) that we have to charge for countries within the European Union.