Price List

This is the Price List of Check the website regularly for the most recent version.

Influencer Campaign self service (Book Tours & Brand Campaigns)

Work directly with the book influencers on our platform to promote your product or service. Create a profile, write your campaign briefing and launch your campaign on the website. Interested bookinfluencers will register for your campaign. You can talk to these book influencers 1-on-1 to help you decide with which book influencers you would like to work. Make your final selection and then wait for the results to come in. Book influencers will share their statistics with you through our implemented chat service. We will help you set up your first campaign briefing.


Platform fee Publishers/Brands 

$ 510 for a single Book Tour/Brand Campaign.

Check out the membership options below for better deals.


Membership Publishers/Brands

Unlimited access to the platform. Organise as many campaigns as you wish. Contract for a year, after that you can end your membership monthly.

Large publishers & Brands

$ 453 for the full marketing/PR team including its authors.

Small publishers & Book Marketing Agencies

$ 340 for the full marketing/PR team.



Special pricing for (indie) authors and their representatives

Authors pay only 40% of the regular price of a Book Tour (self service campaign). Our advice to published authors is to reach out to their publisher to ask if they already have a membership which includes free access for their authors.

$ 195 


Influencer Campaign full service (Book Tours & Brand Campaigns)

Let us know which product or service you want our influencers to promote. We will organise the full campaign for you from A to Z.


Platform fee & Campaign Management for campaigns up to 30 participants

$ 1930 ($ 510 platform fee, $ 1420 campaign management)


Content Creation For Corporate Channels

With our Book Tours and Brand Campaigns you ask book influencers to use their social media channels to promote your products or services. But what about your own channels? Which type of content inspires people to buy what you have to offer?

We think that our book influencers could help you out here! By hiring them to make corporate content for your channels you make your channel way more attractive to customers.

We will present candidates to you and facilitate the full production process. We will also handle payments to the book influencers.

Check out some examples! Dutch online bookstore BookSpot asked Booktokers to promote the books in their shop (click here). The Dutch library asked Bookstagrammers to promote the ebooks and audiobooks in their app (click here).

Pricing depends on your requests.