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This platform was built for the bookcommunity. For all the Booktubers, Book Bloggers, Booktokers, Bookstagrammers, Booktweeps, for anyone considering themselves to be part of the bookcommunity. It doesn't matter where you live, it doesn't matter which genres you read, it doesn't matter how large your audience is. You are all welcome to join.

You are not obliged to sign up for any campaign. Brands you already work for are yours to keep independently. And everything you earn through the platform is 100% for you to keep!

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Bonus program

There's a bonus program for every member of We want to reward anyone that brings in new clients. Sometimes you will be approached by a brand that doesn't suit you. Or a brand will ask you if you know anyone else that might want to work with them. In these cases we encourage you to redirect the brand to us and tell us about it. You can earn up to € 120 for each new client. Details in the FAQ.

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