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A self service campaign is one of our Influencer Campaign options. With a self service campaign you select the right influencers for your marketing campaign yourself.

You want to boost the sales of your product or service. Our influencers can help you reach that goal. First you create a free profile on our platform. Your name, emailaddress (private) and some information about your company so influencers know who they are talking to. Next you can immediately start writing your campaign briefing. This means you tell the influencers what your marketing campaign is about. You get to choose the channels on which you want them to do the promotions, you set the reward etc. When you're done you submit your briefing. Our team will then contact you about your briefing to make sure it is crystal clear for all involved. Then your campaign is launched and you wait for influencers to register. After a few hours you can start talking to the first people that have shown their interest. You can click on their profile and see what their favourite genres are, which languages they fluently speak and which channels they own. There's a messenger service so you can chat one-on-one with them. You don't have to decide yet whether you want them to be part of your marketing campaign. When you talked to everyone you make your decision and hit 'final selection'. People you have selected will be informed and they can start creating content from the moment you want your marketing campaign to launch. All selected influencers will share their results by chat, they will send you screenshots of their statistics. This way you can see how effective the campaign has been.

Prices in Price List.


A full service campaign is one of our Influencer Campaign options. With this option you let us do the job.

You want to boost your sales of your product or service. You would like our influencers to help you with that. No problem. For our Influencer Campaign full service we start with interviewing you about your marketing campaign. What do you want the influencers to promote? In which period? On which channels? What is the influencer reward? Once we know exactly what you want, we will set up a campaign briefing. This means we put the briefing on the platform so influencers can register. We will then make a first selection of influencers we think meet your demands. Among them will be at least one influencer with a reach of 25K+ across platforms. This selection is presented to you and of course you get to make the final decision. Then the content creation starts and the influencers will post about your product or service. They will share their statistics with us. We will write a report on those results and send you the report so you have insights to the success of your campaign.

Prices in Price List.


Promotional Packages are options to use our channels for your promotions. We have a website that is visited often by the bookinfluencers because they use our platform to check if there are new campaigns. We have a newsletter with a high open rate (70%+) that is send to 1.200 subscribers. And we have our social media channels on which we communicate with the influencers too: Instagram, YouTube and a private Facebookgroup.

Package 1

Giveaway on Instagram: a feed post and 2 stories. € 250 ex VAT.

Package 2

Newsletter feature: an ad in our newsletter. Plus Giveaway as mentioned in package 1. € 400 ex VAT

Package 3

One minute mention in our YouTube series 'Chats with Britt'. Plus everything in package 2. € 800 ex VAT

Add on 1 (authors/publishers only)

Dedicated interview with author in our YouTube series 'Chats with Britt'. € 500 ex VAT

Add on 2 (authors/publishers only)

Website feature: a picture of our model with your book on /for-bookstagrammers. Part of a 2 picture carousel for 1 month. € 500 ex VAT


Our Custom Options are:

Content creation for your corporate channels by influencers

Would you like your corporate channels to have pictures and videos of real people instead of using stockphotos? Why not collaborate with one of our bookinfluencers. They are content creators that could easily make content for your channels too. Take a look at the channel of the Dutch national library. Our influencers make pictures and videos to promote ebooks and audiobooks. Let us know the type of person you would want to work with and we'll start a search and present you good candidates to choose from. 

Content creation for your corporate channels: animated videos

Would you like to have your videos animated? We work with a great studio that can easily do that job for you. All videos on the channel of the Dutch national library are animated by them. Take a look. If you are enthusiastic, let us know how we can help you.

Paid social

You want your content to be seen by a large audience. Sometimes the algorithms of social platforms can really get in the way of achieving that. By using social advertising you reach the audience you are aiming at. We work with an advertiser with heaps of experience in advertising for the book industry and related industries. 


Prices depend on your request.

Yes, we do. Indie authors and small businesses from the book industry can campaign with us as well. They only pay 30% of the prices mentioned in our price list

Christina Bauer promoted her series Angelbound: "I am thrilled with the results".

Eileen Curran promoted her book Hungry Hill: "This has been a fun campaign".

Ann LaBar promoted her book Prom Theory: "I am very happy with the promotion and would love to do another one".

Yes of course! We are always happy to set up a call with you and talk you through the options of our platform. Send us a message and we'll get in touch!


No. The platform fee is a fixed price for Influencer Campaigns, both self service and full service. This is a fee you pay to Bookstagrammers.com.

Our influencers don't get paid by Bookstagrammers.com. Their payment depends on the rewards you are offering. A reward can be your product or service, a gift card or a financial compensation. A high reward will attract more influencers with big audiences. 

Because our influencers live all over the world and not all of them are registered as a company, paying them is a challenge. Some can send invoices, some can't. For some countries there are very high bank transfer costs. Because of the fact that we want to make sure everyone receives the money they have worked for, financial rewards are handled by us. This means that if you promise a financial reward, we will send you an invoice based on the amount of influencers that have participated in your campaign. We handle the administration and bank transfers with the influencers. For this (mandatory) service we charge you 20% commission.

If your reward is a product, a service or a gift card, you are in charge of giving these to the influencers. If you run an Influencer Campaign self service you can request addresses by using the messenger service. If you chose the Influencer Campaign full service option we will provide you with a list of addresses after approval of the influencers. 


A Bookstagrammer  is someone that is a huge fan of books and makes content about books on Instagram. A Booktuber uses YouTube, a Booktoker TikTok. And a bookblogger runs their own website.  Many of these very authentic influencers use multiple social media platforms. On this website we talk about Bookstagrammers or bookinfluencers but we mean all kinds of bookfans.

Thousands, all over the world. For instance, take a look on Instagram at the hashtag #bookstagram. You'll see over 50 million results! Since the launch on January 6th more than 1.000 bookinfluencers subscribed  to Bookstagrammers.com. We expect to see this number grow fast in the coming weeks.

Yes of course! Bookinfluencers use their channels for different kind of promotions. Many people from the bookcommunity are very eager to learn (online courses, services), have a strong aesthetic sense (clothing, make-up, jewelry, furniture, decoration) and are socially concerned (movements). Just ask and we'll give you an honest answer if we see possibilities for your brand to be promoted by the bookcommunity.


Yes, once you use our services we will contact you and send you the paperwork.

The bookinfluencers have agreed to the General Terms and Conditions and the Terms of Use of our website. Also they signed a mediator agreement with us. It's up to you whether you want to arrange a contract between you and them.

Yes, they are obligated to do so. They will add hashtags to their posts such as #ad or #spon, they will adjust the settings of their photo or video and they will express themselves in the caps or spoken text.


You can send us an e-mail: contact@bookstagrammers.com, use the contact form on the website or start a chat.