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We run Book Tours & Brand Campaigns with the international book community. We love working with publishers, (indie) authors and bookish brands. Meet the team!

Community Manager

Paula (Netherlands) is the community manager and the go-to person for all participating book influencers. She also is the first person of contact for Dutch and Flemish clients. Paula loves YA-books (Angie Thomas and Sarah Crossan are two of her favorite authors), poetry and (Dutch) literature. She is active on Tiktok @paulaleest and Instagram @bookbreaknl. Do you have a question? Just drop her a message at paula@bookinfluencers.com.

Campaign Manager

Kristin (France) is a campaign manager, she runs the Full Service Book Tours and Brand Campaigns for our clients. Kristin loves reading different genres of books but her favorites are fantasy, contemporary romance and literary fiction. The author she loves most is Olivie Blake and her favorite book is Alone With You In The Ether. Kristin runs an Instagram and Tiktok channel called @myfictionaldays. You can contact Kristin at kristin@bookinfluencers.com.

Sales Manager 

Jen (US) is one of our sales managers for the US market. Jen typically reads a little bit of everything but her favorite genres are romance and fantasy. She loves anything by Sarah J. Maas, Lucy Score and Adriana Locke but is always looking for new indie authors to love! Jen is a very active Bookstagrammer (@buildingourbookshelves). You can email Jen at jen@bookinfluencers.com.

Campaign Manager

Maren (Sweden) works as a campaign manager. She helps new clients set up their book tours. She also runs the day to day business for our Swedish booktok collective Svenskabooktok. Her own tiktok account is @bookishscandinavian. Maren loves Jane Austen and romance novels. Her favorites are Pride and Prejudice as well as the Outlander series. Want to get in touch with her? Email maren@bookinfluencers.com.

Manager @Buechertok

Nathalie (Germany) is in charge of our German booktok collective Buechertok. She likes to read different genres, but mostly she reads fantasy and romance. Her favorite book series of all time are Throne of Glass and Zodiac Academy. Nathalie's account on tiktok is called @nathalie_reads. You can contact her at nathalie@bookinfluencers.com.

Founder/CEO & Campaign Manager

Antina (Netherlands) is the Founder & CEO of Bookinfluencers.com. She hired a web developer in the Summer of 2020 to build the platform that she had in mind. After months of development and fine-tuning it launched early 2021. Antina loves to be involved in the day to day operations and often works for campaigns as campaign manager. She is a fan of thrillers and historical fiction novels. She also enjoys a romance novel now and then. If you want to talk to her then just send a message to antina@bookinfluencers.com.

Sales Manager

Helena (UK) works as a sales manager. She speaks to (potential) clients in the US, Canada, UK and Germany. Helena likes to read literary fiction, thrillers and feminist fiction. Her favorite books are The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin and City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert. You can find her on social media as @bookishglobetrotter. You can email Helena at helena@bookinfluencers.com.


Jenny (UK) is our editor. All of our newsletters and blogs are checked by her before they are published. She loves reading fantasy, romance and thrillers. Jenny's favorite books are the ACOTAR series by Sarah J Maas, the Maple Falls series by Hannah Grace and the Thursday Murder Club series by Richard Osman. Find her as @jenny_readss on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube. Would you like to speak to Jenny? Contact her at jenny@bookinfluencers.com

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