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We are a platform for collaborations between brands and the bookcommunity.

Bookstagrammers.com was launched  on January 6th  2021 and the HQ is situated in The Netherlands.


Bookstagrammers.com was founded by Antina van der Veen. She worked as a freelance social media manager for several years and managed the socials of the Dutch national library from  2015 to 2020. She  collaborated with some of the greatest Dutch Booktubers. She met with them a few times and learned about the many qualities of the community but also about the challenges they face. The penny dropped in the Summer of 2020. Antina wanted to create a platform for the bookcommunity to give this genuine group of enthusiasts a fair chance to monetize their passion for books and reading. Bookstagrammers.com is not a side project, she gave up her freelancing career and invests  100% of her time in the platform.

Want to know more about her? Check her Linkedin profile or listen to the podcast episode Shelf Made Women from January 1st 2021 that's available on all podcast platforms.

Our mission, vision and values

Our mission is to give the bookcommunity a platform for every possible collaboration with brands.  Our vision is that the bookcommunity should be highly valued by all kinds of brands. Not only by brands from the bookindustry but also from other industries. 

Our values are equality, tolerance, authenticity, perseverance  and drive.

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Are you a publisher? A library? A bookstore? Do you have an e-books or audiobook app? Do you sell coffee or tea? Do you manufacture headphones? Do you make beautiful jewelry? Are you a make-up or fashion brand?

There are so many options for collaborations with the bookcommunity, we could go on and on.

Talk to us about your company, your industry and we can discuss the options of a great campaign with our bookinfluencers.

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